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Butterfly Sword Online
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Butterfly Sword Online is an Asian-made MMORPG with elements of parkour and kung fu, created for all those who like to scold on roofs and walls, as well as kill enemies with a sword like a typical samurai. The game is based on the famous novel in China by the author Gu Long "Meteor, Butterfly and Sword", but this connection is so elusive that only fans with truly Asian roots can trace it.

So, the project has implemented several classes, in accordance with the studied types of martial arts, among which heroes who wield two swords immediately stand out. In addition, the undoubted advantage of the game is non-target, which makes it possible to effectively cut opponents into minced meat. As for graphics, it is based on the notorious Unreal Engine 3, which is why everyone who loves fighting with staffs and swords will also be able to plunge into stunningly beautiful animation with a high level of realism.

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