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Call of Thrones is an original MMORPG with elements of a turn-based combat system. This project was created by a Korean company, and therefore its quality is at a decent level. The game takes place on the territory of Ancient China during the period of the most popular among the creators of the Three Kingdoms. In those days, there were three kingdoms of Shu, Wei and Wu, which many schoolchildren know about. In this regard, the choice of factions will not be difficult. After that, you will need to do the simulation of the hero, who will be dressed in the best shining armor. Now your character will really know what a real hero looks like and what to strive for.


Heroism will be present in all elements of the game. As the game progresses, you will encounter a huge number of all kinds of characters who will praise you and insist that your hero's place is not here, but among divine creatures. Therefore, Call of Thrones is ideal for boosting self-esteem.


There are 4 classes of heroes in the game: warrior, assassin, mage and priest. At the same time, the mage and priest also have melee skills, and do not play the role of support. Call of Thrones has a turn-based combat system that is very reminiscent of Final Fantasy. Thanks to her, each character has a strip of action. After filling it, the hero will be able to perform a certain action. He can, for example, cast a spell, use an item, or simply launch a normal attack. It is clear that different actions require different amounts of points. The most powerful skills can consume up to 100% points.

At the same time, in Call of Thrones, many battles take place using only simple attacks. Therefore, the creators of the game have provided a system of automatic battles. In them, the player can customize his character to 4 behaviors: balanced, aggressive, defensive and support. Extensive settings allow you to go through many complex dungeons in automatic mode.


Basically, Call of Thrones is a traditional MMORPG with a pet system, crafting options and interesting story quests that can also be completed in automatic mode. In addition, the game has dynamic travel through locations. Of course, the game can hardly be called the leader of the genre, however, it is performed at a fairly good level. An important advantage of Call of Thrones is that it works well just in a browser window. To do this, you just need to download a certain add-on from the site, with which you can display graphics in 3D mode.

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