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According to the developers themselves, City State Entertainment, MMORPG Camelot Unchained may well be considered the ideological successor of the cult "Dark Age of Camelot" (which it is a sequel to) with significantly improved graphics and more exciting gameplay. Development began in late 2012 and is progressing at a brisk pace.

In the world of "Camelot Unchained," the troops of King Arthur (The Arthurian), the Vikings of Sigurd (The Vikings), and the tribe of King Nuadu (Tuatha Dé Danann), a mythical tribe from the folklore of the Irish Celts, clashed.

An attractive economy is expected in the game: players create all weapons, armor, and other uniforms; nothing can be bought from NPCs. The crafting system itself promises to be original and exciting. Character development is tied to his activities. Each kingdom (faction) has its classes, and each player has enough tools to make their alter ego unique. Camelot Unchained has very few PvE instances.

The developers create their engine, the main task of which is to cope with the truly massive battles necessary for high-quality, entertaining, and meaningful RvR. Several types of servers are planned.

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