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Canaan Online
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Overview of the game Canaan Online

Canaan Online is a cozy, colorful, browser-based, free Asian MMORPG made in anime style. The game gives a pretty good picture, even despite all its “browser-friendliness”, and it also has all the components of an RPG: a large number of dungeons, a storyline with a bunch of quests, crafting, PvP duels, a clan system, the ability to unite in groups and trade.

The game begins with the choice of one of four standard classes: archer, mage, warrior or priest. The development of characters also does not bring anything new, except that you can take just an insane number of different animals ready to insure in battle as assistants. In addition, they can still be absorbed, enhancing their own abilities. The battles themselves in Canaan are built on the target system, that is, with the selection of the target.

In general, from the outside, the project looks rather mediocre, mediocre, but having plunged deeper into this fabulous world, it will be difficult to get out of it.

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