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Carte game review

The Carte is the original Korean "free-to-play". Such a phrase inspires only boredom for many gamers, although it simply annoys some. The reason for this attitude to the genre is the many monotonous clones that have filled the Internet space in recent years. True, sometimes the situation changes and a project appears, the genre of which has nothing to do with the Koreans. At the mention of the abbreviation TCG, many gamers immediately associate with the American game Magic the Gathering, which we have repeatedly written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Now there is a novelty The Carte, which is a Korean version of TCG, only with better art. It includes an original combination of rules, perfect balance and interesting gameplay.

Game features

The Carte is a combination of a shooter with a standard RPG. The players here have to fight with a deck of cards that you will have to choose before the next battle. Each player has one hero card and several additional cards. To date, the project includes almost a thousand cards, divided into five colors, which are also called unions. The sixth tone here is neutral, although there are not many such colors in the game. Such a number of cards allows you to create a killer combination with original and unusual combinations. However, some of them are more popular than others. Experienced gamers will be able to name only a few cards that require correction. This suggests that the creators of the game managed to achieve the perfect balance.

Gameplay principle

You can put different colors in the deck, although all six at once. True, if the color of the card differs from the tone of the character, then for each turn he will receive a certain amount of damage. The goal of the game is to deprive the opponent's hero of health. However, you should not get too carried away, because you can kill your hero. However, a well-formed deck will provide an opportunity to get excellent results that will confuse the opponent, and subsequently simply destroy him. All this makes the gameplay of The Carte project truly unique with many options.

Of course, building a deck is not the only activity in the game. You can implement your tactical skills right on the battlefield. There are special zones here where you can equip heroes, mana, traps, tarot cards and more. Arenas for creatures play a huge role in battles. One of them is intended for attack, and the other for defense. A creature can be placed in each of these zones, although its functions may be different. At the same time, attacking creatures attack the hero, but cannot defend themselves. Defensive creatures, on the other hand, can only defend themselves. To achieve victory, it is necessary to correctly distribute the creatures in the arenas.

Game Goals

You can get bored with standard duels between users pretty quickly, therefore, in The Carte you will be offered two more global goals. The first goal is to reach the highest levels of the rating and take part in the Masters tournament, and subsequently win it. Of course, getting into the tournament is not so difficult, while to win it you will have to put in much more effort. These competitions are held not so often, so beforehand you will have to participate in regular tournaments for a month, which take place every 2 hours. Only after that you will be able to get into the list of top 32 tournament players.

The second goal of the game is the ability to participate in raids. Raids here are a special mode in which three players team up against a computer opponent with an unusual deck and unique superpowers. After winning raids, you will receive special rewards, which include raid cards.

Getting game cards

Cards can be obtained in various ways. They can be crafted, as each card includes several constituent parts, such as color, type, rarity, and episode. After you collect all four materials, you can make a new card out of thin air. Materials here can also be obtained from the air, namely after winning in the form of a reward. In addition, cards can simply be bought for real money. Unfortunately, while you will not be able to exchange cards, however, the creators of the project are going to introduce such an opportunity a little later.


In general, The Carte is a high-quality and interesting project, which is very diverse. It should appeal to those gamers who are tired of the monotonous MMORPG. It is immediately noticeable that the authors have invested in the game not only their money and their achievements, but also their soul, which is not so often today.

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