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CasinoRPG is an MMO specifically for social people, which is a simulation of life in Las Vegas with a bunch of casinos and gambling. From the outside, the project looks like the famous Sims, the action of which was suddenly transferred to Nevada, but here the whole city is open for the player and you can chat, play and launder money earned from losers.

As for entertainment, CasinoRPG has a set of standard games of chance, this is roulette, poker and something like a "one-armed bandit". With each win, the project brings the player closer to creating their own institution with whores and blackjack, respectively. However, the money can also be used to purchase an apartment and even a condominium in order to have parties later.

As a result, CasinoRPG can be called a good "social program", but not for everyone, since entertainment here comes down mainly to indecency. But the game is absolutely free and can be easily launched in any browser.

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