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Castle Doctrine
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Overview of the game Castle Doctrine

Castle Doctrine is a pixelated 2D isometric camera survival game from sole developer Jason Rohrer where each player is given a small house to defend against zombies and other players.

Of course, the house will have to be defended not only with the help of conventional weapons, but also with traps, dogs, alarms, partitions and a large assortment of furniture. For all this, at the very beginning, the player is allocated $ 2000, which he can spend at his discretion. In addition to protection, the game offers the opportunity to rob the neighbors, but rest assured, they have also prepared a bunch of surprises for you.

And if you can get to the safe alive and take all the cash with you, then the mission is completed and you can safely complete your defense. Unfortunately, death in the game is permanent (forever), so if you don't get to the treasured box or die in your house, you will start the game again, you will also be given $2000 and an empty house.

In general, people who do not suffer defeat, who look down on 2D, who do not like indie and generally put the plot in the first place, have nothing to do here, the rest of Castle Doctrine should like it, at least for its atmosphere, hardcore and stable online.

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