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Cathome or House for a cat is a multi-user, free, browser-based project of the Creogen studio! Media Laboratory, released back in 2006 and positioning itself as a game for children. Here you will have to deal with the education of dangerous clawed predators called cats.

The gameplay of the game is often presented schematically with a lot of pictures, numbers and a minimum of animation. The main objects of care, that is, cats, have numerous characteristics that include both classic ones - neatness, hunger, strokes, and fighting ones - like bites and scratches. Some indicators are interconnected, for example, without neatness it is impossible to stroke a cat, and without bites, he will often lose in battles.

Yes, this is not a game like Tamagotchi, here the main occupation is training and playing off animals. The battles themselves are presented step by step and schematically. By the way, in addition to the bite indicator, the player must monitor the equipment of the pet and its main weapon: fangs and claws. In between fights, the owner must train, feed and comb his cat.

All in all, Cathome serves as a good introduction to cute furry animals, especially for those kids who still haven't been able to get a cat as a pet.

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