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Do you want to visit Heaven? The multiplayer online game Heaven is based on Eastern mythology, namely, it tells us a long-forgotten story about the era of discord between the Kingdoms. And the death of the emperor led to a brutal civil war between the four kingdoms. What they were actually called, we will not tell, since in our opinion they are quite similar and resemble ringing. But in translation, they sound very beautiful: the Kingdom of the Earth's firmament, the Kingdom of the Blue Cloud, the Kingdom of the Ice Wind and the Kingdom of the Fiery Heavens.

What does the sky have

The graphics of this game will not impress you too much, it is very similar to the famous game called Diablo. You have three paths in who you want to be: Mage, Fairy or Warrior. Also in the game there are four main characteristics of the characters. The game is also equipped with skills, there are only nine branches, with three branches for each class. Gamers can freely play with other players, compete with clans and Realms. Another advantage is that the Realms are not controlled by a computer, but by real players. That is, you have the opportunity to conquer some kingdom and become the head of it.

Would you like to earn points?

If you play faction wars, then know that they give you special points that can be exchanged for improved defense of your character. Also, points can be earned by completing tasks from the state or giving any valuable property to that state.

Maybe you like the game

Each gamer evaluates this game differently. The developers did not overwork themselves, inventing the Heavens, and therefore it does not shine much with the graphics and history of the game. If you are impressed by the history of Ancient China, then you should definitely play this game. In order to find out about this or another game, visit our site MMOTOP.ORG, and you will learn a lot of interesting information.

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