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Champions of TitanWild Buster
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Korean studio Nuri Vista has unveiled its brainchild, reminiscent of a sci-fi version of Diablo. Development began in 2010, and people were able to see the first gameplay videos at the G-star exhibition in 2012.

The plot tells about the war between the remnants of humanity and the dangerous civilization of half-humans, half-machines created by the virus. Moreover, ordinary people, according to their old tradition, quarreled among themselves and divided into two factions - Abandons and Guardians. The action takes place in the solar system called Coloran on the planet Titan, in the dungeons of which the battles take place.

The fighting style is not surprising - this is a standard isometric action game in which you can cut and chop enemies with a sword, or you can shoot them with heavy machine guns and blasters. As you progress, you have to cut out millions of monsters and clear dozens of dungeons. In addition to butchering mobs in PvE, you can also fight other players in PvP modes. Playing Wild Buster will be one of the ready-made characters, which, according to the assurances of the developers, will be as many as 40.

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