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Champions Online
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Overview of Champions Online

Champions Online is far from the standard game, almost unparalleled. The main characters in this MMO will be superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. And most importantly, the character editor is so diverse that you can literally piece together your superhero and even choose a set of super skills for him. Appearance is limited only by your imagination. The project is inhabited by thousands of gamers and incredible variations of superheroes. The only MMO where it is much easier to recognize your comrade not by a game nickname but by appearance.


A limitless choice for customization is far from all that a toy can please us with. The game has 18 classes, from classic magicians and archers to futuristic cowboys and secretive ninjas, and the characters' abilities differ tremendously. For example, a class controls various support drones, but if close combat is necessary, it pulls out a giant chainsaw from behind and turns enemies into mincemeat. Assassins accumulate energy for devastating combos. Telepaths take control of monsters, arrows pour heavy fire on enemies from a long distance, and wizards, using the forces of the elements, cut down mobs in batches.

If the standard class is not to your liking, you can always create your own by combining the abilities of different types. In addition, the game has indirect skills, such as teleportation, levitation, hovering platforms, and jetpacks, allowing you to get to the target as quickly and effectively as possible. In sum, all this allows the players of the site MMOTOP.ORG to feel like real superheroes.


Even though crowds of original and powerful fighters for justice inhabit this world, the feeling of our worthlessness does not visit us. But, thanks to an excellent plot, stylized as comics, we get a chance to demonstrate our power and superiority to our enemies.

After the character editor, we find ourselves in Millennium City, a city under attack by alien invaders. It should be noted right away that everything is done pretty coolly. In the sky, we see giant spaceships, the city is engulfed in flames, and groups of special forces are desperately trying to resist the invaders. The first quests are straightforward and teach us how to use basic abilities, attack, defend and dodge, and use the map to avoid getting lost on the city's streets. At the end of the training, we have to activate a giant cannon aimed at the sky and destroy the enemy fleet.


After training, we can get to know this unique universe better. On our way, there will be diverse terrain and enemies that fit into the overall gameplay. For example, there are future military bases, crowds of radioactive zombies and fire demons, robots, spies, extinct ghost towns, and heaps and heaps of all exciting things.

Tasks are constantly changing, so we will not see any tedious grind. Everything is built in such a way that is completing quests, often with a killer dose of humor, is much more interesting than farming several hundred identical monsters.


If you still get tired of cutting characters under AI control, you can always try your hand at fighting real opponents. Fights here occur in unique arenas, with a total number of up to 10 people. Everything looks fantastic, in the spirit of the best network action games. On the monitor, there is just an explosive lump of events. Characters fly, run, teleport, climb walls, shoot from automatic weapons, fry each other with fire or, on the contrary, turn into ice. After the end of the battle, players are awarded well-deserved points and currency for which they can purchase cool outfits.

We can say that Champions Online is an improved version of City of Heroes. An MMO that is fun to play at all levels and not just a routine grind in an attempt to get to high-end content as soon as possible. Great quests, breathtaking editor, stunning action, and dynamic PvP. All aspects that a modern gamer needs are done to perfection.

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