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Chaos is a browser-based MMORPG with a fantasy setting, as well as a banal story about the confrontation between the two sides: Protoss and Asmodeans. The conflict began to grow after the disappearance of God, who created both races.

Externally, the project looks like a diablo-like isometric action game with a good picture and adrenaline-filled gameplay. The local characters easily brandish giant axes and swords, like a planer polishing enemies in the dungeons for precious experience. By the way, you can get experience almost endlessly, because the game, without exaggeration, has 300+ levels. The only and probably the biggest disadvantage, which often overlaps all the fun, is the almost complete automation of the process, including hunting monsters.

Therefore, in summary, we can say that Chaos is a game for the laziest players or those who want a little fun in a dusty, boring office.

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