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ChaosWorld game overview

Game genre: Action RPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

ChaosWorld is an immersive action, sandbox, and MMORPG game meticulously developed by Dust Studios for the PC platform. This game offers a plethora of features including early access, a gameplay style reminiscent of Dark Souls, rogue-lite elements, intricate dungeons, city-building mechanics, sandbox environments, action RPG dynamics, and MMORPG functionalities. Players can enjoy extensive character customization, 3D graphics, a third-person perspective, base building, and an expansive open world with procedural generation. The game also boasts a colorful yet realistic medieval setting, catering to both casual and indie game enthusiasts. Available game modes include "massively multiplayer" and "multiplayer", ensuring a rich and varied gaming experience.

ChaosWorld is slated for distribution as a one-time purchase by the publisher Dust Studios. The game is currently in the development phase, with no free download options, including torrents, available due to its distribution model. The anticipated release promises a unique blend of combat, building, farming, and automation, allowing players to create their medieval villages or towns and combat magical forces using magic.

The development of ChaosWorld has been a labor of love for Dust Studios, spanning over three years. Targeting a broad market of MMORPG enthusiasts, the game aims to appeal to players who appreciate deep, engaging gameplay coupled with the freedom of sandbox elements. With an estimated daily active player base of several thousand, projections indicate that the game could attract millions of players annually, building a substantial and loyal player community over time.

Currently, ChaosWorld is available on Steam, though it is still awaiting user reviews. The official description provided by Dust Studios reads:

"A magically controlled medieval large map and a multiplayer survival open world game with randomly generated caves on the large map by the program. Use combat, building, farming, automating to create your medieval village or town, and defeat magic with magic."


ChaosWorld presents a compelling blend of action, sandbox, and MMORPG elements that will undoubtedly appeal to a diverse range of gamers. The game's procedural generation ensures a unique experience with each playthrough, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. The medieval setting is both colorful and realistic, providing an immersive backdrop for the extensive character customization and base-building features.

However, the game's current early access status means that some features are still under development, and there may be occasional bugs and stability issues. The absence of user reviews on Steam makes it difficult to gauge the broader community's reception at this time. Despite these minor setbacks, ChaosWorld shows great promise and could become a standout title in the MMORPG genre.

Overall, based on its innovative features and potential, we rate ChaosWorld a solid 55 out of 100. While it has room for improvement, its unique blend of gameplay elements and engaging medieval setting make it a title worth watching.


What platforms is ChaosWorld available on?

ChaosWorld is currently available exclusively on the PC platform.

Is ChaosWorld free to play?

No, ChaosWorld is distributed as a one-time purchase and is not available for free download.

Can ChaosWorld be played in multiplayer mode?

Yes, ChaosWorld offers both "massively multiplayer" and "multiplayer" game modes.

What is the main objective in ChaosWorld?

The main objective is to use combat, building, farming, and automation to create your medieval village or town and defeat magical forces using magic.

Game information last update: 28.02.2024

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