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Interestingly, in the era of multi-core processors and the eleventh version of DirectX, some developers continue to produce games that look like dinosaurs in the twenty-first century. Moreover, we are not talking about browser projects, but about full-fledged client games. However, the graphics in these games look like in the second Diablo. It is clear that the appearance of such nondescript games is a real bust. The Chosen project, which we will talk about on the MMOTOP.ORG website, also belongs to this category. In translation, this name means the Chosen One.

The essence of the project

The essence of the game is a confrontation between the five reigning dynasties of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. Here you will be offered five traditional classes, a pet system, full-fledged crafting and PvP arenas. At a superficial glance, it might seem that this is a standard second-rate MMORPG project, which can be a good alternative to many similar games that cause only nausea.

However, the creators of The Chosen decided not to bother and launch in 2011 a game whose graphics have nothing to do with 3D graphics. It is all the more interesting that the project was launched in the USA, where almost everyone has a pretty good computer.


Of course, many may say that the graphics in the game do not play the main role, but much more important is the high-quality and well-developed gameplay. However, in The Chosen, the gameplay was also not the most successful. The developers failed to come up with anything at least a little original. Therefore, you can find many interesting projects of this kind, but with much more presentable graphics. What fate awaits in the end of The Chosen is still unclear.

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