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The Chronicles of Enya is a browser-based mix of MMORPG and fantasy-style strategy, offering the player an interesting role-playing system, turn-based combat and sandbox elements.

Let's start with the role-playing system. The project offers a large selection of seven races, each of which is divided into twelve classes with a huge range of unique skills and characteristics. However, you can also be influenced by a mixture of several magical schools and numerous artifacts. Therefore, it turns out that there are countless options for leveling a character in the Chronicles of Enya and it is useless to count them. This is probably the main difference of the project from other similar games.

Other interesting points include: the ability to build your own castle, destroy someone else's, team up with other players or go through the game solo, clans, coalitions, military councils, a large selection of units and landscape maps.

And since the project places great emphasis on the social component, it will not do without constant communication. Other players can be traded, bribed, argued with, betrayed and carried out military coups, so that any player can find his place here. In any case, it's worth a try, as the project provides great opportunities to realize its potential.

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