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Review of the game City of Heroes

At first, you may get the impression that this relatively old superhero game is unlikely to offer us anything interesting by the standards of an MMO world. However, even in today's fierce competition in the MMO genre, the City of Heroes has a chance of success. This project, which has switched to a new payment system, looks original and exciting.

Game world

The game world of City of Heroes is an alternative reality, which is full of not only superheroes but also real villains. The confrontation of these characters is the cause of the unstable situation in the city. Bank robberies, zombie attacks, abnormal robot attacks, and much more happen here at every turn. In general, this city of heroes is just so teeming with life, in which there is both a good and an evil side. Therefore, you must restore order in the city or sow chaos in it, for which you will need to try hard.

Game process

Becoming a superhero or villain in City of Heroes is not as easy as it seems. You have to help many characters in the game or do all sorts of tricky things. At the beginning of the game, you can do these tasks almost all your free time. However, in reality, the situation is much more complicated.

Game Features

If you look at the project from the point of view of the MMO genre, then there are no revolutionary features in it. Each player gets their character, which has a particular set of skills determined by the selected archetypes. They are typical in the game - melee and long-range fighters, tanks, healers, and control classes. At the same time, each archetype has its unique abilities. For example, for lovers of ranged combat, a wide range of weapons is offered, ranging from a bow to a plasma rifle. In addition, you can paint the shots in your favorite color and get a unique weapon. The game also has superpowers, such as a powerful sound wave or controlling a crowd of zombies. Otherwise, the set of skills looks quite typical but, at the same time, diverse. This is not surprising, given the age of the game.

Quest system

Separately, it is worth noting the quest system. Heroes can receive tasks during personal meetings with the character and using the phone. In addition, you may hear about a crime on the radio news or read about it in the local press. At first, the quests look pretty typical, representing the usual destruction of criminals. However, as they develop, the tasks will be long chains that extend into actual storylines. For example, your character may be given a mission to expose mysterious occultists who, as it turns out during the game, are connected with aliens. As a result, in the quest, you will visit a spaceship, and there you will be able to kill bloodthirsty aliens to your heart's content.

Leveling heroes

If we talk about pumping heroes, then here it includes two components. This is a direct development with growth in levels and a stand-alone process designed for lovers of all kinds of fashionable things. This is what makes City of Heroes different from all other games. Indeed, for an actual superhero, there is nothing more important than putting on a stylish suit. As you gain a higher level, you will have new recipes that will allow you to create a unique character.

Graphic arts

If you are confused by the game's age, then you can be sure that this old project, in terms of the picture, is in no way inferior to many modern games. The game's unique style distinguishes it from other projects in this genre. In addition, during its existence, the graphics of the City of Heroes have been improved and modernized more than once. Therefore, you should not worry about your eyes.


There are very few games of the City of Heroes level today. It has all the exciting moments that most gamers like. So far, the game is more focused on PvE mode, and PvP mode is currently only available individually. Thanks to the free-to-play payment model and the constant attention of the creators, the game will surely attract more and more new players, ensuring MMORPG's success and prosperity.

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