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City of SteamSteam
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Overview of City of Steam

City of Steam is a 3D browser-based MMORPG based on the Unity3D engine, set in a fantasy world with steampunk elements. It turns out that the Chinese can make games without any admixture of Asian mythology and colorful graphics, especially when aimed at a Western audience. This is what happened to Parograd, so here you will not see kawaii nyashki and cute mobs, but only creepy locations, strange mechanisms and, of course, airships characteristic of steampunk.

At the beginning of the game, we are offered to choose one of ten races and four classes: guardian (warrior), medium (priest), shooter and arcanist (mage), each with their own abilities and three talent systems. Of the features, one can single out the lack of mana, here it is replaced with "steam", and the use of spells is carried out with the help of staves made of gears.

The plot and world of the game are based on the works of David Lindsay and look very impressive. Players need to explore the Universal Mechanism, which is a giant system of interconnected devices created by the ancient Paragonians. The inhabitants of the mechanism were able to master some of the technologies of the ancients, as a result of which airships floated in the sky, giant factories began to churn out weapons, and the streets were inhabited by steam robots.

In general, there are plenty of ways to attract players to the project: interesting dungeons, many different events, boss mode, reflection of waves of advancing monsters, arenas (including massive ones), free PvP, clan wars and, of course, the opportunity to play together with the whole office, because the game does not require a client. So if you have been looking for a high-quality browser project for a long time (and the Chinese have always been able to make MMORPGs), welcome to Parograd.

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