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City Of Titans
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Review of the game City Of Titans

City Of Titans is a game that is a whole set of different creatures and superheroes endowed with a wide variety of abilities. These abilities are acquired due to all kinds of damage, experiments, and mutations. The project development team did their best so that the number of characters would not confuse experienced users. Read more about this on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Distinctive features

This toy is noteworthy for many users because you can “assemble” your hero from scratch. A hero is taken, and he is given a name, after which at least put a clown in an armored suit and arm him with a machine gun painted in a flower. The game provides complete freedom to its users: this concerns the variety of appearance and capabilities of their characters. This circumstance favorably sets off City Of Titans against the backdrop of more powerful games, in which plenty of unique heroes gradually become bored with their stereotyped and inability to change anything significantly.

What is the purpose?

In general, the game has only one actual goal - more fun! As you might guess, the division into classes and specific roles is not provided. Unless you have to work out the tactics of some fights for your particular person.

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