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Review of the game City of Transformers

All gamers and not only know well who the transformers are. These are characters from Japanese cartoons that were especially popular in the nineties. We could also see transformers in the form of Hasbro toys. These characters returned to the big screen only in 2007. They managed to rekindle the hearts of several of their already aged fans. Since the return of transformers to the cinema turned out to be triumphant, many expected something extraordinary and interesting from the City of Transformers project. Many gamers have already imagined the planet Cybertron, on which there is a civil war, and the well-known robots Megatron, Starscream, Optimus.

The plot of the game

However, the City of Transformers game actually has nothing to do with these legendary names. All events in the game take place in the distant future and are based on the battle of the planet Amicron with the bloodthirsty Quintess race. If we focus on the original version, then the Quintesses are those creatures that managed to create the Autobots and Decepticons. They were expelled from the planet Cybertron into deep space after their defeat in the Battle of Amicron. After that, the mysterious clone of Slime began to support the Quintesses and they decided to capture the Matrix, with the help of which the Gifted could be turned into huge mechanical robots. In general, the Matrix was also in the original, where it was an unusual thing with which you can create any thing. City of Transformers offers a rather unusual storyline. As a player, you can take the side of the people of the planet Amicron, that is, help the human race.


The game has a fairly standard set of classes, which includes a technician, a technogenic mage, a defensive fighter, a ghost, a psionicist, and an attack aircraft. If you take a closer look, these classes are the same assassins, archers and mages familiar to us, only made in a futuristic style. The transformers themselves here are classic pets, thanks to which the Gifted can surf the expanses of Amicron.

You have to search for the Matrix with the help of rather monotonous missions, which differ from each other only in name. You will need to bring or look for something, as well as kill someone. Completing these missions makes the player feel like a ping-pong ball bouncing around in dreary landscapes. Here you have to face the same droids all the time. To add some variety, the developers decided to add social tasks to the game. Here you have to put out fires or scatter garbage by type. Although, such quests do not improve the overall situation.

Personal transformer

You get a personal transformer almost at the beginning of the game. However, your robot at first looks more like a hungry chicken, which still needs to be prepared for real fights. To do this, you will need to visit a lot of merchants and read more than one treatise on the processing of metal structures in order to learn the basics of engineering. In addition, the procedure for transforming an ordinary hero into a powerful robot is of interest. It takes place in two stages - first you put an exosuit on the hero, and after that there is a full-fledged fusion with mechanical elements. As a result, a person turns into a real transformer. However, in this form, your hero will not be so long, because the transformation is a temporary ability.

Game professions

In City of Transformers you will have access to 11 professions. In particular, there are such specialties as a fuel chemist, a specialist in nanotechnology and many others. Using these professions, you will be able to create all kinds of parts, microcircuits, elixirs and improvement chips for your robots. At higher levels, you will even have the opportunity to create a transformer. At the same time, you can dismantle any robot for parts, and get a new skill as a reward.

Features of russian (the terrorist state) localization

The russian (the terrorist state) version of the localization is very different from its original Asian version. In particular, in our version, a large role is assigned to the PvP mode, while the role of donation is minimized as much as possible. The creators of the game managed to develop a clan system with which you can see exciting battles for the possession of resources. However, in general, City of Transformers is a PvE project.

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