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Review of the game City of Villains

Before you identify yourself with the heroes of the evil universe of City of Villains, you need to think more than once. Not everyone will like the events taking place in this world, but only those who are used to having negative karma. Such gamers fundamentally do not perform altruistic quests. Therefore, in such a game, good guys have nothing to do.

Game world

If we recall the City of Heroes game, which we mentioned more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website, then in it all the events unfolded in an exemplary city. In the City of Villains project, we are moved to the mysterious Rogue Isles archipelago, located in the very center of the Atlantic. Not so long ago, this island became one of the French colonies. However, now it is a favorite gathering place for various criminals and other rabble. At the same time, the government decided not to pay attention to the negative reputation of the inhabitants of the island. It even granted this archipelago an inviolable status, as a result of which crime increased even more here.

Character selection

The beginning of your gaming journey as a villain, you begin with the creation of your hero. In this case, the user can choose his origin, which will depend on the variety of quests performed. In addition, the class remains available for selection, of which there are five in the project. Choose from a typical brute tank, a stalker serial killer, a dominator enemy control master, a corruptor healer and a mastermind summoner. Then the fun begins - you must choose one of the three sexes. As the third sex, peculiar hermaphrodites act, which, however, are distinguished by great strength and high growth.

Distinctive features

Once you've gone through a fairly typical start for many games, you will immediately be able to experience all the features that distinguish City of Villains from many other online projects. In this game, you will not see typical material problems, armor, weapons, and many other familiar things. Therefore, you won't have to waste many hours to get any equipment. Interestingly, there is not even classic money here - their place here was taken by notoriety, which can be earned from the bloody destruction of enemies. It is with infamy points that you can buy stimulants and improve the skills and abilities of your anti-hero. For this original money, you can purchase upgrades that can be inserted into special slots designed to improve your performance.

Game process

Since the game requires you to regularly maintain your status as a bad guy, then you will have to regularly engage in evil deeds. However, in City of Villains you will have a lot of such dirty work. At every step, you will receive tasks related to killing the leaders of warring gangs, stealing valuable items and information. You can also feel yourself in the shoes of a real bomber or a bank robber. The method of obtaining tasks is also interesting - you will have to read them in various local press. In addition to relatively simple quests, there are also quite complex and interesting missions called Task Force. Their passage, as a rule, will take more than a few hours.

Game modes

One of the additional modes is PvP, which is strictly regulated here. Therefore, you will not be able to kill everyone in a row. Relations will have to be sorted out in special Arenas. Moreover, there are both single and team battles. In addition, the City of Villains will offer you three disputed territories, where mass battles are usually held. The rather aggressive nature of the project does not affect the relationship between gamers. Indeed, this game is primarily a team game. In addition, PvP is more of a supporting role here. Therefore, in City of Villains you will encounter a fairly friendly community, which is in many ways similar to the community in Everquest II.

System of individual bases

Separately, it should be noted the unique system of individual bases. Indeed, every real anti-hero should have his own lair in which he can hide from the outside world. In CoV, you will have the opportunity to come up with your own original design. Here you can dig long tunnels, build rooms of various sizes and shapes. You can subsequently fill all the constructed premises with any rubbish. In your dwelling, it is recommended to find a place for monuments that significantly increase the performance of your hero. Of course, when arranging your base, you should not forget about protecting it from other villains. For these purposes, various traps and traps have been developed.


Despite the fact that for many City of Villains seems to be an addition to the previously released City of Heroes, it can be considered a completely independent project. Therefore, to all those who are tired of too positive characters, moving old grandmothers across the road, this game will seem like a breath of fresh air. Here you can start a career as a professional villain, which is not offered so often today.

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