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Overview of Civilization Online

There is hardly a person in the gaming community who does not know the Civilization brand, under which several highly successful games have been released. The more surprising is that the developers did not seriously think about releasing an online version of the game until recently. Even more surprising is that the release of Civilization Online is planned only for the Asian market, at least for the moment.

More than 100 developers from the XLGAMES studio are working on the project, and the famous Jake Song, the creator of Lineage and Archeage, is at the head of development. In addition, Firaxis, owners of the Civilization trademark, cooperate with the studio as a consultant. The Korean release may be seen as a pilot version - training before preparing the western version.

Civilization Online is currently in the closed beta phase. According to reviewers, the game resembles a hybrid of RTS, session games, and MMORPG. So you have to see the world of Civilization through the eyes of a single unit and go through various periods - from ancient tribes to the space age.

The game is based on the RvR system, and the ultimate goal is to lead your faction civilization, consisting of the same players, to victory. A gaming session can last from several hours to several days, and the Civilization Online genre can be described as a "session MMORPG with RTS elements."

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