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Overview of the game Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a standard text-based MMORPG, made in the spirit of the good old "Fight Club". By the way, such games as Clan Wars have appeared over the past ten years, which is why the competition between them is very high, but this product has been successfully surviving since 2005.

What is so special about it, you ask, but nothing: the same lack of any animation, a tabular interface, the classic hit / block combat system and a minimum of graphics. The next question is probably why is it still being played? But the answer to this question is clearly ambiguous.

The beginning of Clan Wars is simple: we create a character with level 0, participate in training battles up to the third level and start enjoying the real arena. As mentioned above, the game uses the classic hit/block combat system and offers two battle modes: defense and attack. By choosing the first option, the defense indicator increases, but the damage decreases, the second option - the damage increases, the defense decreases.

Upon reaching the second level, the player can join a clan, where it is allowed to participate in collective battles. At the same time, Clan Wars also has PvE content, which is a leveling of professions (Miner, Witch Doctor, Stonecutter and Lumberjack), as well as a Dark Forest instance for grinding and many quests.

In general, we can say that Clan Wars offers the same hackneyed concept as the rest of Fight Clubs, but this style seems to be liked by oldfags, so the project is unlikely to lose its popularity in the next 10 years.

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