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Clash of Avatars
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Clash of Avatars is a browser-based MMORPG that has an anime style, nice graphics, endless dungeons with various mobs like rabid rabbits, jumping mushrooms, pink slugs and other representatives of the fantasy world. The grind itself in the game is easy and carefree: the heroes clumsily swing giant axes and swords, conjure fireballs and destroy enemies with multi-story combos.

For everything in Clash of Avatars, experience is provided: if you sneeze - get some exp, walked around the location after the quest - please increase your level. By the way, in addition to experience, the hero constantly receives gold, various runes and bonuses, such as an increase in attributes. And if the user is bored, then the project periodically pleases with large chains of tasks like saving the princess, returning lost friends, or stealing jewelry from bandits.

Other modern browsers, where the gameplay is also automated, are clearly inferior to Clash of Avatars, since in the latter you can do everything yourself. Plus, it also has pets, mounts, a grouping feature and colorful Asian-style locations, oh yes, the project is also free.

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