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Cloud Chamber is one of the new and rather unusual MMO games, information about which is just beginning to appear on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Here the player must investigate an unusual story that looks more like a fantasy thriller. This game has everything you need to succeed in this genre: the struggle of intelligence agencies, contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, as well as murder and betrayal.


The very name of the game tells advanced gamers that the project is a very extraordinary and unusual game. The name Cloud Chamber is an English version of the famous cloud chamber. It was the first device that made it possible to see elementary particles. That is, thanks to this camera, people were able to observe what they could not even imagine before. This is the basis of the plot, according to which players will need to go through many obstacles in order to reach the truth.

The plot revolves around the events of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and America. During this period of time, one of the employees of the Petersen Institute named Ingrid Hansen unexpectedly registers unusual extraterrestrial signals. She could have made an epochal discovery in the history of mankind if she had not died under mysterious circumstances. As a result, a discovery that was supposed to change humanity remains at the Institute. It has been kept secret for almost half a century.


The gameplay of Cloud Chamber is very unusual - it is an investigation into the circumstances of Ingrid's case. In this case, players will have to travel inside a large database, made in three-dimensional mode. As a result, they must collect from them a whole picture of what happened many years ago, bit by bit. Need to find out what the Institute is hiding and what it should be afraid of? Who killed Ingrid and why was it done? All these interesting questions players will have to find answers through data mining and discussion among themselves. The player will have to search for answers along the paths of the virtual landscape through many local files, which are supplemented by documentary videos and descriptions of astrophysicists.

New genre

In fact, Cloud Chamber is a completely new genre, the birth of which we are witnessing now. In its structure, this game has nothing in common with all existing projects in the MMO genre. Indeed, its creators approached the matter in a very extraordinary way. The game features an original, futuristic soundtrack composed by electronic music masters such as Burial, Trentemoller and Lulu Rouge. In addition, such well-known actors as Jesper Christensen, who played in Casino Royale and Gethin Anthony, who played in the film Game of Thrones, worked on the project.

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