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Cloud Nine
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Review of the game Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a reanimated version of the long forgotten Holic Online game. This unsuccessful project was launched in 2008, but within a year it quickly sank to the bottom, where it joined the rest of the Korean mountain developments. However, Asian developers turned out to be quite stubborn people and in 2009 launched a new version of the project with improved graphics and more interesting content. You can learn more about it on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game Features

Cloud Nine is created in the traditional Asian anime style. The project has a rather beautiful picture, pleasing to the eye. At its core, Cloud Nine is a classic Korean grind game that features three races and six professions. These races have been fighting among themselves for many years for no apparent reason. The classes in the game are quite typical and do not contain anything new:

- The Warrior is a typical tank; - The Hunter is a ranged master using a bow; - The Monk is a regular melee fighter; - The Rogue prefers to surprise attacks from behind; - The Wizard is a classic ranged damage dealer; - The Priest is a typical support character.

Of the other features of the game, you can select a huge number of various quests. In addition, Cloud Nine provides the possibility of simple crafting and creating pets. There are also two really unique features in the game that are worth a closer look:

- cards of monsters that all lovers of collecting can put in collectible books; - an interesting way to travel between cities, which does not involve classic teleportation, but shots of heroes from a large-caliber cannon.


In general, the Cloud Nine game will surely appeal to all fans of the anime genre. True, to play it you will need to study English. Unfortunately, today the project client does not support other languages.

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