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Club Penguin Island is a free, cross-platform, multiplayer project from the famous Disney studio, which tells about the hard life of penguins on an island in the heart of the South Pole. The game is made especially for children and sometimes it is perceived as an interactive cartoon, especially when the penguins smile, laugh or start making funny sounds.

Each location in Club Penguin Island is decorated in the best traditions of Disney, everything looks colorful, bright and tasteful. Of course, the characters did not let us down either - everyone has a unique appearance and waddles around in unison. By the way, penguins, like people, also love to have pets, only instead of cats and dogs they get “puffles” - miniature, jumping, fluffy lumps that frolic all over the island.

As for activities, there are a great many of them here: from throwing cookies at each other, to riding down the hills and dancing in original clubs. Moreover, all the action takes place not alone, but next to other players, so looking at all this fiesta you definitely won’t get bored.

In general, if you have always dreamed of seeing how penguins have fun on vacation, then you are definitely here. And given that the game was created by none other than the Disney studio, then a lot of details, benign, smart and traditional animation are included.

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