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Code Lyoko is a cartoon-style browser-based MMORPG based on the animated series of the same name. Both the series and the game tell about the secret life of a group of friends who save the planet Earth and the parallel world Lyoko from the Supervirus at night, and just attend school during the day.

The game itself is linear, which means that the opening of locations here takes place in order, sequentially. Of course, the monsters in the new location also gain weight like your hero, so sometimes you have to clean up old territories for better equipment and skills. There are five character classes to choose from in Code Lyoko, these are ninja, samurai, cat, guard and warrior, and at least 100 locations to pass, and some of them even support PvP.

In general, Code Lyoko looks and plays like a bright cartoon, where heroes with big heads are trying to save the world. So it seems to be focused exclusively on children.

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