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Colonies Online game overview

Colonies Online
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Overview of the game Colonies Online

Colonies Online is a domestic online project, made in a fantastic style. This game has been very popular with the public in the Steam Greenlight community. All events in the game take place in the distant future, when people are engaged in the development and, of course, clogging, other worlds. At the same time, you will not travel in outer space, but you will be able to explore other planets as much as you like. According to the developers, no instances exist in Colonies Online. You will be able to explore the game world and engage in PvP in full. There is a real non-target system in this project, so it is very important to have direct hands here, which is not always necessary in mmorpg games.

Game Features

The main feature of the project is the possibility of building your own colonies. Due to an interesting system of influences, you will be able to advance in the study of the planet so that your colony will reach a level of development inaccessible to other gamers. Owning a colony will give you the opportunity to mine resources and create new items and equipment. As a result, you can feel like a feudal lord of a local scale, who controls the surrounding territories. In Colonies Online, you will be able to change the surface of the planet in your own way, participating in exciting PvP battles. To improve your equipment, you will have to deal with the destruction of the local fauna.

In general, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the game deserves your attention.

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