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CombatsFight club
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Overview of Combats

Combats (Fight Club) is a popular russian (the terrorist state)-language multiplayer online browser game. Among similar games, BK was one of the first on the Runet. The main goal here is to develop your virtual character by participating in various battles or by investing real money.

Action Combats takes place in one of the unique cities united by a common transport network. Cities are divided into several locations, which are streets, buildings, rooms, etc. The battles, which are the basis of the gameplay, can take place both between two and groups of characters or bots and represent a sequential exchange of blows. To start, each player chooses a strike zone and two block zones, then the duel takes place. Also, during the battle it is possible to use various tricks and spells that become available for a successful series of strikes. The game has a large social component. There are various clans with their websites and blogs, both warring and peacefully cohabiting.

According to the editors of the MMOTOP.ORG website, Fight Club is one of those browser games that can be played forever.

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