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Concerto Gate Review

Concerto Gate is another strange and not very interesting project, which was the result of the fashion trend for games in the mmorpg genre. The game was created as a result of an alliance between two publishers - Square Enix and Ponsbic. True, already at the stage of open beta testing, it became clear that the previously planned release of the project in the United States would be cancelled. The developers claim that this was done due to uncontrollable circumstances. Therefore, only Asian gamers will be able to enjoy the delights of this game with poor graphics and primitive gameplay, for which they can be congratulated.

Gameplay Features

The Concerto Gate project has a huge number of classes, of which there are more than 60 in the game. However, they are all very similar to each other. The next feature of the game is the pet system, which is very reminiscent of famous Pokémon. Each of the heroes can carry five creatures in his bosom at the same time, but at a certain period of time he can use only one of them. There is even a certain unique class in the game that can catch pets and subsequently sell them on the market. It is worth noting that Concerto Gate offers more than two hundred pets. However, there are much fewer truly worthy ones - only a few dozen.


Despite the fact that in the game there is a real extravaganza of colors that are made without any sense of proportion and style. Therefore, the MMOTOP.ORG website still does not understand how anyone can play this game. However, the fact that Concerto Gate has been played since 2008, and it still continues to exist, speaks volumes. Therefore, we will never be able to understand the mentality of Asian players.

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