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Conduit To Nexus game overview

Conduit To Nexus
Game genre: MMO Shooter
Available regions:
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 4
Free to Play

Conduit To Nexus is an ambitious action and MMORPG game that takes players on an enthralling journey through mysterious dungeons, open worlds, and interactive literature. Developed by Calvin Nel, this PC-exclusive title promises a rich blend of adventure, role-playing, and action-packed combat. Unique features include player versus player (PvP) modes, battles against AI, third-person perspectives, character customization, and dynamic crafting systems. The game offers massive multiplayer and regular multiplayer modes, ensuring a vibrant community experience.

Published by Entities Games, Conduit To Nexus is slated for free distribution worldwide. The game is currently in development, with eager fans awaiting more updates. The development process has been extensive, aiming to create a seamless and immersive experience. The official website provides information on the possibility of downloading Conduit To Nexus for free, including via torrent. The game is also available on the Steam platform, though user reviews are yet to be posted.

The official description of the game reads: "MMORPG, as a demi god of creation, contribute to the Conduit &/or Nexus and help a dying realm, or use it to help yourself. Community-generated content bought to improve (and support their work) the 'conduit' which is the game connecting you to the 'Nexus,' which is the realm the game is in."

The development of Conduit To Nexus has been ongoing for several years, with a dedicated team working tirelessly to bring the game's intricate universe to life. The target market includes fans of MMORPGs, action-adventure games, and fantasy role-playing. The game has garnered a significant following, with thousands of players engaging daily and a growing base of dedicated fans.


Conduit To Nexus offers an intriguing mix of action, role-playing, and community-driven content. The game's open-world design and mysterious dungeons are reminiscent of titles like Dark Souls, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience. The character customization and crafting systems add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to tailor their adventures to their preferences. However, the game is still in development, and some aspects may require further refinement. The current lack of user reviews on Steam suggests that it has yet to reach a wider audience.

Overall, Conduit To Nexus shows great potential, but it remains to be seen how well it will perform upon full release. Given its ambitious scope and current development status, we rate Conduit To Nexus at 55 out of 100. This score reflects the game's promise and the anticipation surrounding its eventual launch, while also acknowledging the areas that need improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms is Conduit To Nexus available on?

Conduit To Nexus is available exclusively on the PC platform.

Is Conduit To Nexus free to play?

Yes, Conduit To Nexus is distributed free of charge by publisher Entities Games.

Where can I download Conduit To Nexus?

You can download Conduit To Nexus from the official website or via the Steam platform.

What game modes are available in Conduit To Nexus?

Conduit To Nexus offers both massive multiplayer and regular multiplayer modes.

Game information last update: 06.01.2024

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