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Conqueror’s BladeWar Rage
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A popular Chinese developer and publisher of online games, NetEase has announced a new project that combines such genres as Action/MO and RTS. The game, called War Rage, immediately became one of the most anticipated Asian novelties.

War Rage is a combination of third-person action and real-time strategy. You have to take part in various wars and feel for yourself what it means to be a commander in ancient China. In War Rage, players fight against each other and command their own armies, using siege weapons, various weapons and all sorts of tactical tricks in battle. The player himself can choose a commander from the seven options currently available.

In the final plans of the developers to create a tactical action game with sandbox elements. Players will be able to explore and capture entire regions, equip possessions, build their own bases, etc. In the future, new units are also expected, including the armies of other countries. The expansion of in-game events beyond the boundaries of Ancient China and the emergence of PvE elements is not ruled out.

The game is being developed on its own CHAOS Engine by the young studio Booming Games, founded by Wang Xi, a native of Bungie who had a hand in the creation of the original HALO.

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