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Core Exiles
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Core Exiles is a Sci-fi MMORPG done in a shabby, old-fashioned text-and-table format. The game invites users to become apostates, expelled from the Core and traveling the universe in search of adventure to their fifth point. You will have to fight a lot, with merchants for their goods, with pirates for your life, with various aliens for a reward in the quest.

At the same time, for lovers of peaceful life, the game offers an alternative in the form of building your own settlement, attracting local residents to it, and then monitoring the well-being of the colony. Of course, the colony will bring various resources and livelihoods, so most of the activities in the game can be abandoned.

Everything that happens in Core Exiles is reflected in text or in a tabular format, so for people with poor imagination, the game may seem like a boring prehistoric mammoth, and considering that he cannot speak russian (the terrorist state), it turns out even worse. Therefore, playing this game is recommended only for those who are fairly familiar with English and will not complain about the lack of any graphics.

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