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Core Online (SOL), Shards of Light game overview

Core OnlineSOL, Shards of Light
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: September 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Shards of Light is a great colorful MMORPG with Asian roots. It was created by the St. Petersburg MindMeal team. Another product of this studio is the well-known MOBA called Final Desire. All interesting information about these games can be found on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game creation

Among the fans of the mmorpg genre, many have quickly become accustomed to the new game Shards of Light. Of course, everyone can make a beautiful presentation, but not everyone can quietly make a high-quality MMORPG that fans of the genre will immediately like. The creators of Shards of Light did it. This game has already managed to get a full russian (the terrorist state) version. It features great graphics that are only slightly inferior to TERA. Another distinguishing feature of the game is the presence of an Aion-type combat system.

Variety of editor and factions

The game Shards of Light shows its ambition already at the stage of the editor. Thanks to a diverse and functional system, you can create both quite beautiful characters and real freaks, more suitable for a cabinet of curiosities. At the initial stage, the player is determined by the selection of factions, which in the game there is a wide variety. Classes are paired and refer to a specific gender and archetype. Shards of Light currently offers 8 classes and 4 factions.


The range of characters in the game is impressive. There are both traditional heroes and extraordinary combined characters. You can choose a classic defender - a powerful fighter with heavy armor and a hammer. More refined is the warrior, who not only swings a two-handed ax, but also buffs comrades-in-arms. Another combat character is the Swordsman, who is armed with two daggers. Among the male heroes, Berserker can be distinguished, which is a very energetic character, who is excellent at wielding a sharp sword.

The female characters in Shards of Light are represented by the Sorceress, Witch, Guardian, and Healer. The mage has lethal spells based on the elements. The witch fights enemies with large-scale curses, poisons and other such things. The Keeper is used to fight enemies with a bow and arrow, and the Healer can heal and support other heroes in every possible way.


To succeed, you need to not only kill a lot of monsters, but also go through no less numerous quests. Both of these activities bring experience with which you can pump skills. Here you will need to think carefully, since there will not be enough experience to develop all the skills. If you choose skills incorrectly, you can find yourself without key skills at the most decisive moment.

Battle Features

For fans of PvP, Shards of Light has large-scale battles in special locations that can be visited using a special menu. All battles are divided into special shooting ranges and are held subject to rotation at a certain time. In mass battles, everything ends with the usual wall to wall. Of course, it's very fun and beautiful, but in terms of balance, not everything is right here. This mistake is often made by beginners.


The immediate outlook for Shard of Light is quite rosy. The game is a strong middle peasant in its genre. It has good graphics, a full range of features and interesting cross-server battles that are typical for Guild Wars 2. As for the long term, everything here will depend on how active the creators of the game will be.

Game information last update: 09.02.2024

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