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Cosmic Break
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Review of the game Cosmic Break

The Cosmic Break game was developed by Chinese specialists, which can be judged by the many hieroglyphs near each splash screen. The style of the game is also quite typical for Asian games. Cosmic Break is a classic anime style space shooter. Therefore, among the characters you will not find brutal "tanks". Instead, you can play as a little girl with a big head and eyes. In general, there are a lot of such girls here and they practically do not differ from each other. The only way to recognize them is their clothing.

Game Features

However, everything is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. There are many interesting things in Cosmic Break, in particular, you can take an individual robot, which is an advanced robot suit. It is this equipment that allows anime girls to fight each other with machine guns, rockets and flamethrowers. Initially, 50 prepared robots are available in the game. If for some reason you are not satisfied with such basic robosuits, then you can easily make your own. To do this, you will need a variety of parts, of which there are more than three hundred in the game. At the same time, each robot has its own unique abilities. However, in battles, to a greater extent, you have to rely on the brute power of weapons.


In terms of gameplay, Cosmic Break resembles a large and interesting Japanese cartoon based on a comic book. If you have always wanted to become the hero of such a work, then here you will have just such an opportunity. Moreover, the control of robots is quite simple - movement is carried out using the WASD keys, and the attack is carried out using two mouse buttons.

Types of Robosuits

According to their type, robots are divided into three types:

- ground; - air; - artillery.

The first two types can fly. True, ground ones can parry quite a bit in the air, and for air ones, flying is a common thing. The artillery type does not fly, but such robots have the most damage. Thanks to this division of classes, some elements of a team game even began to appear in the game, although most of the battles are still held on their own.

Game modes

In addition to bright PvP, Cosmic Break also offers PvE modes, in which there are five levels of difficulty. In these modes, players can team up and complete various challenging missions. Participation in both modes gives the player experience and money. Experience is spent on the development of the hero, and new components for the robot are bought for the money.


In general, the game leaves a good impression and looks quite fun. The only downside is the mediocre graphics. However, if you pay more attention to the gameplay, then Cosmic Break will surely please you.

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