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Overview of the game Cosmics

Cosmics is a browser-based MMORPG from domestic developers, made in the Sci-fi setting. Here you have to establish control over the entire galaxy as one of the following races: Humarts or Allerons. Each of them has the power of the mind and uses space technology.

The game has excellent animation of battles, complemented by an interesting design. The fights themselves take place according to the hit / block system, but at the same time they look quite nice and colorful, not like in the classic Fight Club. So you can watch the result of the fight yourself, rather than see the final table with numbers. Victory or defeat in Cosmics directly depends on your squad and the quality of the fighters. You can fight both for possession of the territory, and in simple PvP with other players or just with mobs.

In general, the game has experienced ups and downs more than once, but is still alive and continues to delight players with its colorful gameplay with constant updates, diluting the boredom of sitting at work or changes at school.

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