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Overview of the game Cronous

In 2008, there were a lot of fairly average online games released that didn't do much to surprise gamers. You can read about these games on the MMOTOP.ORG website. One such project was Cronous, which was created by a little-known Korean company called Lizard Interactive. In its meaning, this game belongs to the classic free-to-play MMORPGs. The appearance of this project was quite brightly announced. Cronous was supposed to show some interesting innovations, but in reality the game turned out to be rather nondescript.

Game world

In Cronous, you will once again encounter a fantasy-style game world. This world was completely incomprehensible how it was captured by evil monsters. You will be offered to fight them with the help of one of four characters: a typical Fighter warrior, Magician mage, Valkyri and Savage. In order to make the gameplay more interesting and varied, the creators of the game provide the opportunity to learn skills from other classes. All this creates a certain illusion of free choice for the players.


The gameplay of Cronous is built on clan warriors, where each clan controls its own territory and can capture enemy castles. By the way, here you can build as many castles as you want. Capturing territories close to the castle will bring certain bonuses to the player, such as taxes or new equipment. Another seemingly unique development is the improvement of weapons and armor as the hero develops. Indeed, in parallel with the leveling of the character, some of his things will improve.

Unfortunately, this list of all innovations ends. Everything else in the game does not stand up to criticism. Cronous is characterized by boring identical quests, primitive graphics, poor content and a poor in-game store.

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