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Cross Eternal
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Overview of the game Cross Eternal

Cross Eternal is a fantasy mobile MMORPG from the Korean studio Efun, where players have to cleanse the world of filth, fighting zombies, various demons and other evil spirits that have risen from their graves. The game has a choice of four races: elves, dwarves, undead, humans, each with three classes with five unique skills.

The Wizard is endowed with magic and has increased DPS, the Knight is a cross between tanking and dealing damage, and the Hunter deals exceptionally high amounts of physical damage. After creating a character, users are sent to conquer the mysterious world. You can do this both on your own two feet and on horseback, and along the way you can look into party or solo dungeons. Loot here is divided into four levels of rarity: rare, magical, heroic and legendary.

In general, the project's shortcomings are only a small amount of content, otherwise, it is not inferior to similar Korean crafts with nice graphics, the same hack'n'slash and a one-day walkthrough.

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