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Crossout game overview

Game genre: MMOFPS
Available regions:
Game setting: Sci-Fi
Release date: May 1, 2017
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Targem Engine
Gaijin Entertainment
Free to Play

Overview of the game Crossout

The post-apocalypse has arrived right in your room. For those who miss the post-apocalyptic mood and landscapes, two giants: Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games, have developed an action game with cars in the title role called Crossout. The difference and feature of this game are that the emphasis is not only on chases, battles, shooting, and teamwork but also on revealing the talent of the artist and designer.


The game occurred in 2021 when the planet was exposed to a mysterious epidemic. Most of the population of the Earth, which was in the affected area, died on the first day. The rest began to experience terrible head pains, hallucinate, go crazy and commit suicide. Journalists called the source of the epidemic Crossout. Twenty years later, many people who did not die subsequently mutated. In most cases, the eyes changed, which began to emit a glow or became utterly black.

After the epidemic receded, some began to revive the familiar world, while others enjoyed destruction and chaos.


Before starting the game, the user must try himself as a constructor and assemble his armored car. It will be unique and original because each player independently decides how to complete it and from what parts. For example, a massive selection of weapons, all kinds of armor plates and specialized devices, even an invisibility field generator - all this is in Crossout. However, it is worth considering the presence of restrictions on the number of parts and the weight to be carried, so you can pick up everything, but within reason and considering the balance.

Trade and modes

Where to look for construction details? Firstly, you can buy them on the local market from other players or NPCs, and secondly, you can create them yourself from smaller and simpler elements, and, finally, you can find them in battle among the wreckage. The player's fantasy is not limited to absolutely anything and no one. Instead, the design can be brought to genius, focusing on what is closer to the player. If you find any shortcomings, you can always disassemble everything to the ground and start again. If you want to test your invention, there are specially designated places for this - empty locations for tests and various modes. The game also offers an advanced damage model.

Of the modes, it is worth noting team deathmatches with a different number of players, the famous "every man for himself", PvE missions and robberies, cargo delivery and others, and the famous "Royal Battle."

Combat system

The battles in the game take place from a third person and look unique and attractive, especially considering that each user assembles the car independently. For example, someone prefers big guns and a complete body kit with armor, someone prefers stealthy and lightning-fast tactics with machine guns, and someone likes to play maneuverable buggies. Everyone will find a technique to their taste, and there are no restrictions.


Given the high-quality study of the post-apocalyptic world in the spirit of Mad Max, the rich customization and crafting of cars, the presence of many systems, exciting modes, and insane action, Crossout will give odds to most games of this genre. And a large number of free updates and constant attention to the community will not let the interest in the game fade away for a very long time.

Game information last update: 01.02.2024

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