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Crown Four Kingdoms game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: February 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Crowfall is a game from ArtCraft Entertainment, under the direction of Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton, who gave the world two iconic MMORPGs: Shadowbane and Star Wars Galaxies. Crowfall is also made in this genre and offers modern graphics and gameplay features.

The concept of Crowfall differs markedly from modern MMORPGs and comes down to combining elements of the classic representatives of the genre with session games. The universe of the project is divided into several worlds, and the leading entertainment is temporary open-world campaign worlds. They are called campaigns for a reason, as the cycle of their "life" is divided into phases with changing rules and events. Each new stage becomes more and more hardcore and can last several months.

Campaign worlds have different types and rules: some are designed to confront two guilds, while others can accommodate several opposing factions. For example, crowfall does not do without permanent universes, which are close to ordinary MMORPGs, but with one significant difference - they belong to the players, and they, in turn, can rule and establish their own rules. So no matter how you spend your time in the game, your character will be constant.

In Crowfall, players can create a character from 12 unique races and 11 individually customizable archetype classes. There is no standard level system for classic MMORPGs here: all pumping is based on a "skill-based" approach: the development of skills depends on their use. You can develop skills passively (the system is similar to EVE online) and through active training.

The game also has a system of Advantages and Disadvantages, which allows you to develop your character along a unique path: Advantages will improve specific abilities for development points, and Disadvantages, on the contrary, will reduce some parameters and, in return, will give additional points.

The game engine uses voxel technology and procedural generation based on the Voxel Farm engine. Thanks to voxel technology, you can, for example, bring down a tower on an enemy, make a hole in a wall, dig a tunnel under a castle wall, and so on. The procedural generation will help to realize random and, at the same time, realistic worlds: with different locations of mountains, oceans, resource veins, and others. Also, players are offered tools (unique sets of installations) that allow using the technology in more narrowly focused areas, such as the construction of buildings.

According to the developers, the physics in Crowfall has been taken to a new level, especially compared to their counterparts in the MMO workshop. The object's properties, the forces applied to it, gravity, and much more play a huge role, affecting almost all things in the world, whether a player or a flying projectile. A giant centaur can quickly "move" a tiny assassin, and combat formations are significant in severe battles.

All attacks, such as sword strikes and magic projectiles, affect the object or location of the hit. Moreover, some skills can be used just for this. For example, the physics of Crowfall is based on the same engine as the voxels above - this is Voxel Farm. It is noteworthy that this technology was used in the closed Everquest Landmark (which was supposed to turn into Everquest Next).

The game is distributed according to the Buy-to-play scheme - a one-time purchase. You can buy VIP (premium) to gain access to some services.

Game information last update: 26.01.2024

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