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Crusaders of Solaria
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Overview of the game Crusaders of Solaria

Crusaders of Solaria is a very simple online game, no different from the simplest games from the early days of the computer gaming industry. When entering the game, the user concentrates on one important task - the destruction of different colors, shapes and sizes of monsters. This is carried out with the help of the powers of the magician or knightly qualities, which can also be transformed as the player advances, based on the number of losers. You can deal with incomprehensible moments on the MMOTOP.ORG website.


Despite its simplicity, Crusaders of Solaria has a system of leveling the hero as experience progresses. This is manifested in the fouling of the character with various clothes or armor, gaining rating points and increasing the number of competitors and ill-wishers - the constant companions of any experienced player.

At the same time, the player spends most of his free time from the fight on all sorts of sweeps. And less of the time is spent on arena fights with disgruntled participants who are eager to remove the user away from one field and score more bonus points.

And what is the main thing

Combat in Crusaders of Solaria is divided into two types: one-on-one and mass. Moreover, the second is more preferable by many, and even has a certain meaning, which is visible only to the players themselves. The main thing is the fun that comes from thrashing each other.

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