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Overview of Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a fantasy and anime-style browser-based MMORPG, somewhat reminiscent of The Chosen and Sacred Seasons. The gameplay includes ten dungeons, fifty locations and five classes: Rogue, Ranger, Knight, Mage and Priest. The gameplay features daily battles in separate locations and supports free PvP, which will open to all players who have reached the twentieth level.

Character development in Crystal Saga is done by completing main and side quests, but you can skip this activity and level up by killing boars somewhere in the clearing. Battles between players take place in one of 4 modes. So, in the "Justice" mode, the player can attack characters with red names, who earn such a name for themselves as a result of killing other players in peaceful locations. For party and guild PvP, respectively, Party and Guild modes are intended.

In addition, when you reach level ten, you will have the opportunity to visit the Isle of Monsters and pick up a pet there, which, for example, can be a bear or a tiger. Pets can be upgraded as part of a separate development system.

In conclusion, we can conclude that Crystal Saga does not carry new ideas, but if you like free PvP, then you should like the game. Also, you should be patient, because the process of pumping in the project is slow and requires a lot of effort. On the territory of the russian (the terrorist state) Federation, the game is published under the name Crystal Fantasy.

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