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Cursed ThroneKingdom Rift
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"Cursed Throne" is a dynamic and good-looking fantasy-style browser-based MMORPG from Esprit Games.

Let's start right away with the cons, at the beginning of the game we are offered to choose one of only three classic classes and we are going to save the world in semi-automatic mode. This is when the character automatically rushes between various NPCs, picking up a bunch of quests, and when he arrives at the location, he stands and waits for further instructions from the owner. Well, at least you can kill the monsters yourself, and thanks for that! Another minus is the donat, it glows everywhere, and upon reaching level 30, the offer to buy something closes the half-screen.

On the plus side, good combat can be noted - a plagiarism of the classic version of Diablo with an emphasis on browser-friendliness, good instances with a huge number of mobs, well-drawn animation of skills.

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