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Review of the game Daastan

Daastan is an isometric indie MMO with some "diablo" details, which was developed with the help of three programmers. This game is different from other indie games, the developers of which try to hook their players with some non-standard setting or some innovations in the gameplay, because we can call Daastan nothing more than “gray mediocrity”.

Game Features

The authors of the game procrastinate a long-obsolete topic about how the chosen hero who must save the world from evil, while talking about some kind of open world, but at the same time it is still divided into some instances, and the developers mention great graphics games, as well as during the development process, upload videos to YouTube with some incredible gameplay.

main idea

The main villains in this game are orcs and pirates, which, in turn, you must find in the depths of various dungeons, as well as in ancient cities, from which only ruins remain. But it is worth considering why everything is so illogical in this game? If the orcs are in the dungeons, then this is in the order of things, but what are ordinary pirates doing there? This is completely incomprehensible to us. As we all know, pirates should ride the waves on their ships, not sit in a cave. In any case, this is how ordinary pirates should be.

release date

At the moment, the game Daastan has appeared in the Steam Greenlight in an inappropriate way. There were even rumors that the game will soon appear in regular Steam'e. The developers have planned the release of this game for 2015, so follow the news of the gaming industry more often on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

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