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Daimonin is a failed copy of the famous Diablo. This game strategy has many disadvantages. And, of course, she is very far from the real Diablo. This version has a terrible interface, the most primitive graphics and almost no variety of game characters and monsters, which, moreover, look simply disgusting. Perhaps all this is happening because only one person is involved in the development of the game, who knows little about full-screen graphics.

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The fact that this version is similar to Diablo can be discarded almost immediately. Is that antediluvian sound and the same graphics remained the same. The author was not even saved by the fact that he opened access to the original code to everyone. The game was put on trial beta back in 2005, and it is in this state to this day. The only advantage that can somehow attract the attention of players is that the game is absolutely free, because no one would agree to pay for this. For more information, visit the MMOTOP.ORG website.

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