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Dalethaan is a browser-based 2D MMORPG with card-based combat tactics. Having collected his own deck, the player can use it in battles with different types of monsters, which are represented by more than a thousand types. In addition, there are several peaceful professions in the game, along with the crafting of the necessary weapons and equipment.

The visual characteristics of the game are primitive and unremarkable, but the graphics do not play a special role here, the gameplay component is much more important. She headed for the oldfags and fans of the CCG, who remember the days of the first Ultima. In fact, it turned out that there are very few of them, and by visiting the Dalethaan server you can see one or two people there, and one of them, perhaps, is an administrator. That is why it is not recommended to waste time on the game due to the comprehensive desolation that reigned on the servers.

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