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Dark Ages
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Dark Ages was released in 1999 and is a two-dimensional game that still functions to the best of its small capacity. Based on Celtic mythology with Asian roots. The plot develops in the magical world of Temueir, which is based on four elements: fire, air, earth and water. They were in balance for a long time, until people discovered the fifth element. This role is played by Evil, which is controlled by the dark lord Chadul.

Dark Ages is permeated through and through with the spirit of the gloomy books of Howard Lovecraft, which became famous for their volume and accuracy in conveying pictures of evil. The game system is built in such a way that all new players will start their way as peasants, and only when they learn the basics of being will they be given the opportunity to choose one of five classes: robber, priest, monk, warrior, magician. Also, players will be given access to peaceful professions, such as painting, literature, poetry, biography and history. All works created in the game, if desired, are sent to the competition, the winners of which will be presented with various in-game items and money. Since there is no PVP at all in the Dark Ages game, players can only steal, craft and grind.

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