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Dark Blood Online
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Dark Blood is a polished, not-too-famous project called Carcass Online. To attract the modern gamer, the developers have added a considerable amount of violence and "pumped" into the characters beyond the usual blood. The result was a brutal on-screen mess reminiscent of the famous Italian tomato fights. Thanks to this, the game received the coveted rating of "18+", which attracts some players like a magnet.


According to the traditions of the hack`n`slash genre, where the main thing is to destroy opponents in batches, the plot is usually not very serious. Dark Blood in this regard also decided not to bury themselves and not to invent a super interesting game universe, however, the plot is still present. The main events of the game take place on the continent of Atharsia, which five kingdoms want to control. Well, one day a Demon from a neighboring continent intervenes in civil strife. Not a single kingdom could cope with its destructive power, which is why the sworn enemies were forced to unite for a while in order to repel a common enemy.


We will be given five different classes to play: Knight - a fighter clad in armor and taking a hit, Warrior - a master of two-handed weapons, Mage - both a strong damage dealer and healer, Hunter - a specialist in ranged weapons, Thief - a secretive killer with daggers .


As users of the site MMOTOP.ORG have already understood, there is nothing revolutionary here. The gameplay is quite standard for this genre: tasks, group tasks, dungeons and endless grind. Well, most importantly, it's quite a stylish fighting game that pushes the project to a fairly high level.

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