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Dark Eden M (Project V) is another Korean MMORPG. All the events of this game take place in an alternative virtual universe where the world is ruled not by people, but by real vampires and werewolves.

Werewolves act as an underground, trying to build their own civilization under the onslaught of vampires. It is vampires who are an elite race, so they live in prosperity and glory. Both races can be considered humanoid, but they can transform into various other forms. For example, werewolves can transform into wolves or bears.

As for vampires, they can become jaguars and bats. In addition, characters at high levels can receive a special "hell mode" status. Here the heroes become more powerful and receive special equipment. Project V is designed for PvP mode. In the game world there are special LOC-points, when captured, you can get all kinds of bonuses. Here you can also gain control over computer heroes, with which you can attack enemies.

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