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Dark Forester
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Dark Forester is an online strategy from a single domestic developer Sergey Morozov, cobbled together from many different genres. Here you have Tower Defense, a construction simulator, and a role-playing component, all rolled into one. We play for a cunning goblin who owns magic and is able to furnish his forest-territory at his own discretion with traps, greenery and various creatures. Along the way, you need to collect food and resources.

There are currently seventeen different spells in the game that can be combined. Also, if the player cannot cope on his own, then you can always resort to the services of a tavern and hire an additional hero. Of course, hiring heroes is not a free activity, but it costs resources that are mined in the enemy forest. Thus, there is an incentive to plunder the lands of other players.

At the moment, Dark Forester is at the crossroads of early access, however, quite a lot has already been implemented in the game and more bugs have been fixed. So soon we will have another interesting strategy, and even domestic production.

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